If there are more than 3 people in your team, you may choose to keep a runner in reserve or allow part of the team to relax their pace.

However, if fewer than 3 team-members fail to make the time cut off time on any stage, the entire team will be knocked out of the Expedition Race.



Whether you are a team or an individual, if you start out in the Expedition category and fail to meet a time cut off time, you will automatically drop down into the Adventure Category and your cumulative daily times will be counted toward your overall time in the Adventure Category.

As the race progresses, you may voluntarily choose to switch from the Expedition Category to the Adventure Category by stopping at a time cut off or at the end of any stage. You must notify timing officials or race management of your decision ASAP. In terms of rankings, you are better off moving from the Expedition Category to the Adventure Category sooner rather than later. 

Being part of a team will not affect your individual ranking.

Individual times and rankings are calculated independently of team rankings.




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