Ten years ago adventure-racer Rodrigo Carazo, a native Costa Rican living in San Jose, wanted to create something unique to Costa Rica.

In the punishing tropical humidity, Rodrigo had a grand idea: to create an event that ran through some of the most inaccessible, remote parts of Costa Rica – along it’s pristine beaches and into the rainforest. It took him two years to organise and fund the event, but in 2005 the first ‘Coastal Challenge’ was run with 63 competitors.

Now in its tenth edition, the race attracts runners from around the world.



Race director Rodrigo Carazo is passionate about individuals fulfilling their dreams and developing their potential. He is equally passionate about the multinational, multicultural nature of the TCC – there are no human barriers to entering or completing the Coastal Challenge.


Pura Vida!

Pura = pure

Vida = life

Pura vida literally means ‘Pure life,’ but the real meaning is closer to ‘plenty of life,’ ‘full of life,’ ‘this is living!’ ‘going great,’ ‘real living, ‘awesome!’ or ‘cool!’ It can be used both as a greeting or a farewell and is universally known in Costa Rica. 



The event carves a very positive swathe through the environment it covers.
No rubbish is ever left at overnight camps or along the racecourse. In fact other than tracks, it is impossible to see where the camps have been set up. 


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