Clothes and camping gear

Your clothes and camping gear will be transported from one camp to the next.

With the exception of your tent, it must all fit into a 24 gallon Rubbermaid ‘Action Packer’ or equivalent. Lockable hard-case storage bins (like the ‘Action Packer’) are not provided by Race Management. We require that participants bring a hard case bin that is water resistant, stackable and preferably lockable. We recommend the Rubbermaid Action Packer because it is a field-tested product that has proven reliable in many expedition events. If you have something that resembles the Action Packer, it should be fine. 

The reason for requiring lockable hard-case storage bins is primarily for logistical and transportation purposes, as well as being a good theft deterrent. It will also hold up well over the expedition and protect your clothes and valuables from both insects and the elements.


Where can I purchase an ‘Action Packer?’

You can order these bins online from a retailer and have them shipped to you. These are no longer available from Rubbermaid directly but you can purchase them from REI (see link above) or Target.

You can also consider an X-Large Dry Bag/Duffle. (Both ‘Action Packer’ or Dry Bag will be transported by race organisers from camp to camp).

We recommend that participants have a bin that is approximately 24 gallons per person. However, if you are traveling as a couple or a family you may combine gear into a larger gear bin. Should you choose to share bins please look at the 48 gallon ‘Action Packer’ but check airline restrictions.


It is possible to purchase a similar storage bin in San Jose at a store called EPA but we highly recommend that you purchase one before arriving in Costa Rica. 


Mandatory Kit

  • Tent
  • Headlamp
  • Hydration system (bladder or bottles)
  • Energy bars / snacks
  • Electrolyte replacements
  • Container for storing camping gear and clothes (see above)
  • Plate, bowl and mug, plus knife, fork/spork/spoon – single use plastics are no longer permitted on the race


Recommended Kit

  • Travel hammock (with nylon rope to sling it)
  • Travel medical kit with extra needles
  • Suncream
  • Sleeping bag or sleeping sheet
  • Race clothing
  • Casual clothing
  • Sandals / flipflops for camp
  • Foam or lightweight air mattress (Thermarest)


Other items to consider:

  • Extra energy food
  • Salt tablets
  • Water purification tablets (in case you want to drink water from an unknown source)
  • Duct Tape
  • Ear plugs (for sleeping)
  • Extra pair of running trainers, one half-size to full-size larger than your running shoes
  • Insect repellant
  • Mosquito netting
  • Toilet paper / wet wipes
  • Lightweight ‘quick dry’ camp towel



A compass is not required.


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