Food and Water


Every morning you will awaken to the smell of a savoury hot breakfast ready to be served with fresh local fruit and juices as well as plenty of piping hot Costa Rican coffee. 

Aid stations at regular intervals on the course will offer water, electrolyte drinks and plenty of fresh local fruit and race type snack food. Where possible, you may enjoy the luxury of a cool or refreshingly cold drink.

Dinner is a multi-course of hot entrées along with fresh salad, local fruit, more liquids and coffee as well as several options for your sweet tooth. Cold beer and Coca-Cola may be on offer where possible.

A meal schedule will be in the race guide and posted in camp. The kitchen area will only close for a period of a few hours each afternoon.

Please note that you will need to bring with you a bowl, mug and plate, plus knife, fork/spork/spoon as the race is now completely free of single-use plastics.


Dietary Requirements

Vegetarians and other dietary needs can be accommodated, but you must notify us by email upon registration.

A vegan diet is more complicated for us to provide, so we suggest you work closely with our nutritionist and head chef in advance.



The quality of the water in Costa Rican is overseen by a government agency and tap water is clean and safe to drink. Consequently, there have been no water related health issues in the last four years of running the event.


Aid Stations

There will be aid-stations with water, fruit, and snacks. We recommend traveling with snacks that you prefer in case there isn’t something that you desire at the next station. We require you to carry water and whatever food you think you may need to get to the next aid station.

Aid stations are generally set every 12-18 kilometers apart, depending on the length of the leg.

Cold drinks may be available at some aid stations.



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