During the race, you will camp each night in locations that are comfortable, private and very scenic. Camps are typically located on a beautiful secluded beach, a sprawling private property or a town soccer field. Finally, your last night will be spent at a beachfront resort in Bahia Salinas.

The camps are set up to create a community atmosphere with tents and hammocks sequestered away from the noise and activity of the kitchen, dinning and social areas.

There is a lively social atmosphere every night including a slideshow of the day’s run as well as a race briefing of the next day’s course. We try to incorporate presentations by local people who can describe the course terrain as well as the flora and fauna you will experience.

The kitchen provides a movable feast, serving plenty of delicious hot food, fresh local fruit and vegetables, great snacks and lots of liquids to replenish you. All meals are provided in a dining area with tables and chairs, as well as a covered tent if needed.  Please remember to bring your own plate, bowl and mug, knife, fork/spork/spoon as the race does not permit single use plastics.

Local vendors may set up stands selling local food and goods.


Massages are available along with any medical assistance. 


Power will be available at each camp, for the charging of cameras, race watches, laptops and mobile phones. 


Each stage will have toilet facilities. Depending on the stage, you may be able to shower at the local school, within the town, or we will build our own environmentally responsible and clean privies and outdoor showers. These will be rustic ‘Tico’ style showers.


We will provided you with a place in a shared 3/4 person tent, although you may rent a tent for your own use which camp staff will erect for you each day at $300 for the duration of the race.

You can off course bring your own tent along and include it in the luggage that we will ship from camp to camp each day


Mosquitoes are not usually something that we hear any complaints about, but it really depends on your individual body chemistry and where you find yourself along the route.

Mosquitoes and ‘No-See-‘Ems’ do exist and we recommend you bring repellent or Mosquito netting at night just in case. It often depends on the weather, the amount of moisture or recent rainfall in the area and your individual body chemistry. We’re in the jungle/rainforest much of the time. Come prepared.


You may see small markets on route or in towns that have shops selling basic items. Larger stores are located in San Jose.

Endeavour to fly in with everything you need for the race.


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